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Outdoor living

The world climate has been changing over the past few years but not the basic human need to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. To feel the freedom, to spend time outside office cubicles and the restrictions of our workspaces and homes. To invite friends over for a BBQ, enjoy a cup of coffee on your patio and take pleasure in your garden. Perhaps, just a little, to show off to your friends and family what a great patio space you have created.

This is possible under nearly all conditions  with our awnings and pergolas. With our products, you can create an outdoor area where it is great to relax at any time of the day. If its a blazing midday sun or a low evening sun, you can choose what suits you and your home the best from our portfolio.

Awnings are still the prevailing type of shading bought in the UK. They are efficient, subtle, don’t take too much space of your patio and we can offer high quality for competitive prices. We cannot imagine a patio without an awning. Any type of awning will increase the enjoyment of your patio and the choice of fabric designs today is enormous. Fabric designers are the new fashionistas…inspired by the current trends, regional specifics yet optimising the usage of these fabrics technologically. The waterproof qualities have increased, resistance against dirt and mildew is higher than ever and variations to the classic acrylic are now available such as waterproof fabric or acrylic with PVC coating to make the fabric totally waterproof yet maintaining the fabric feel customers everywhere prefer.

Awnings do have one shortcoming and that is side or very low sun – nothing can be attached to an awning from its side and here pergolas come to play. Pergolas can be covered from all sides with screens or acrylic fabric and create little islands of privacy and shade. That’s the true meaning of outdoor living – take a large 6 x 6 m pergola, close it up from all sides, open up your lounger, prepare your cold drink and a book and you are in a tropical paradise on your patio in Hull, Portsmouth, Newquay, Cork, Aberdeen……… wherever you are

With Bohemiaflex you don’t have to save up – we are affordable and our quality will astonish you.

Call us on +420733181447 or email us export@bohemiaflex.com for more details on how we can help you with your sun shading solutions.

Bohemiaflex – experience the sun!